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  • 15 transport phase incredible skillful

  • Ability to transport of the drivers are very admirably. Giant goods oversize category, from yachts to aircraft, ships, rigs and trains, ... all are made of gauge trucks on the road very well.
    1. Statue of giant stone sheep

    2. Boating on the road hitchhiking

    3. Two car for too long

    4. Two new truck afford

    5. Look glance will not see the truck where

    6. The house is not a problem

    7. Too grandiose

    8. Two new blue truck afford

    9. The church also move easily in the car

    10. Too long too dangerous

    11. The impressive for this transport phase.

    12. Transport Ship

    13. It was unbelievable

    14. The giant concrete blocks

    15. Trains can transport

  • Korean construction machine suitable for Vietnam market

    Korean construction machine suitable for Vietnam market

    Machines and equipment in general of Korea is not too unfamiliar with Vietnam. “Currently, demand for construction machinery market of Vietnam is huge. However, the contractor must not always have access to the supply of good quality and reasonable ...

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    China started construction of the worlds highest dam

    China started construction of the worlds highest dam

    AFP quoted the information on the website of China’s Ministry of Environment said date 14/7, beating higher Shuangjiankou highest dam in the world at the Jinping-1 (also China) about 10 meters. Cost dam Shuangjiankou up to $ 5.8 billion ...

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    Breakthrough needs information technology

    Breakthrough needs information technology

    Expecting in the future development, VINACOMA is concentrating on improving qualification of IT staffs and E-commerce projects, also information technology projects insides and ...

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